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. wildfire season winds down, but there are new concerns for firefighters as temperatures drop. friends and family gather for an east bay homicide victim. how he is being remembered tonight? veterans' day is celebrated around the bay area. we'll show you some of the
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festivities. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is kutv channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> and hello everyone i'm heather holmes. >> wildfire season officially comes to an end tomorrow for most of the south and east bay, but the recent cool temperatures are causing some new concerns. ktvu's matt kerfuffle keller is live for us. >> reporter: heather you can see the major damage behind me. done by the fire. ironically the fireplace and chimney still stand as investigators say that is where the flames started. the 911 call came at 3:30 this morning from inside the home on sonia way. firefighters say the man told them he was trying to light a fire in the fireplace to stay warm during a chilly morning when the flames o'rupted. >> when we arrived on scene, we saw the house was fully engulfed with flames coming out
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the front window. >> i didn't realize it was that bad until this morning. >> reporter: friends and family say the man living here is visually impaired and has multiple sclerosis. he escaped uninjured. family members say he say hoarder hiving in the living in the home for decades. >> he has nowhere to go. >> reporter: an insurance adjuster on the scene says he has been to four house fires in just the past 24 hours with at least two started in the fireplace. firefighters say once the temperatures go down, the number of house fires go up. as people try to stay warm. >> sometimes people turn to their ovens, bringing in outdoor heaters inside. both of those present a dangerous situation. >> reporter: firefighters recommended that you have a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. as for the homeowner, family members say he does not have
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insurance and the red cross is putting him up at eight local motel. cold temperatures across the bay area. ktvu's mark tamayo is tracking the temperatures which dipped down into the 30s. >> that is right ken. it was very cold this morning. of course we had the frost advisory for the north bay valley and mountains. not the case for tonight although we expect another round of cold temperatures possibly subfreezing. here is a look at some of the lows from this morning, the range from san francisco, 46 degrees. san josi 3, but here we go with the very cold numbers for concord, fairfield and santa rosa, as far as current numbers just updated for the 6:00 hour. you will notice they are dropping back down into the 40s, santa rosa, 52 degrees and san josi in the lower 50s as well. first thing monday morning,
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partly cloudy skies, coolest locations will once again be in the 30s. at this point no frost advisories issued by the national weather service. but that might be changing later on as temperatures continue to drop off rapidly this evening. coming up, i will let you know when shower chances return to the bay area. >> thank you, mark. the recent cold area has brought new snow to the sierra at higher elevations more than 2' of snow fell last weekment alpine meadows ski resort reported 19" at its base and 28" at the higher elevations. that resort is set to open december 7m bub snore star and heavenly ski resorts are scheduled to open in just a few days on november 16th, kirkwood and squaw valley are set to open november 219. a san leandro mother and her baby were hospitalized after sheriff's deputies rescued them from their burning home of the fire was called in about 10:30 p.m. near the bay fare mall in san leandro. the woman and her 1-year-old
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baby were trapped inside the burning home when deputies arrived there at the scene. a witness says before fire crews got, there the deputies ran into the burning home, to save that mother and child. >> i heard a lady scream for help and ran over and they jumped over the fence. and they brought out a lady and a 2 or 3-year-old baby. >> the two were taken to eden medical center for smoke inhalation. there is no word yet on their conditions. two dogs were also rescued from this home. investigators say the fire likely started in a garbage can outside of the dupeex and they say did appears dental. investigators are looking into another fire at warwick elementary school in fremont. fire officials say the snack shack caught fire shortly after my night and authorities say this fire appears suspicious. fremont police are investigating after it was discovered that the lock to the building had been cut. happening now, friends and family are holding a candlelight vigil for a young
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man found dead in an abandoned auto repair shop. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in hayward, where police are investigating the death as a homicide. jade. >> reporter: ken, this vigil began a few moments ago and people have been gathering here for hours. about 75 people have gathered for the victim, who was only 19 years old. family members gathered to remember the young man and to garner enough attention for tips that might lead to ernesto's killer. they discovered his body in the abandoned repair shop on tuesday. he had been missing since october 21st. the mother says her son lived three doors down. she says finding him here confirmed her worst fears. i asked her, if she thought he was robbed? >> robbed for his life, yes. because it had to be personal.
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it had to be. it just hurts to know when something happens to someone that you know. >> reporter: the local non-profit group citizens for the lost help the family organize tonight's vigil. ernesto's mother stressed her son had a long time girlfriend and often took hem to school in the morning. she heard her son was last heading to a job and then he just vanished. this vigil is expected to last a few more minutes. cousins, mothers and several other people have spoken in front of group, talking about ernestoo and how how he was a good bottom of the those are their words. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow is a federal holiday. today is veteran's day day and the nation is remembering those who served in america's wars. president obama took part in the traditional ceremony at arlington national cemetery and laid a wreath at the tomb of unknown and then stood for the
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playing of taps. mr. obama thanked all veterans including those coming home now. >> after a decade of war, our heros are coming home. and over the next few years more than a million service members will transition back to civilian life. they will take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting role. they will be veterans. >> mr. obama pledged to help veterans recover from injuries and to also get jobs. veteran's day marks the world of world war i of the 11th day in the 11th month of 1918. thousands lined the streets of petaluma. ann rubin is there where the parade featured an impressive flyover by vintage aircrafts. >> reporter: the parade actually began back in 1967 with three veterans walking the streets with the flag. it's now grown and organizers think more than 30,000 people
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showed up this year, the most they have ever had. [ applause ] >> reporter: hundreds lined the streets of petaluma to salute and thank their veterans. >> my brother is a marine. >> yes, we both support him. >> he just got back from afghanistan. >> reporter: from afghanistan and iraq, to world war ii, petaluma's parade featured veterans of all arizona and a flyover worthy of an air show. >> this is a great outlet for all of us. we come here and it's a huge kin hp. >> reporter: they say this day means the world. >> look at them here, they are so caring and crying and have tears for people. >> it really warms your heart and makes you appreciation your service. >> reporter: just down the tv the thoughts were with one army sergeant ho couldn't be here, her son. >> he is a lucky young man. >> reporter: in afghanistan on july 4th an idaho ied claimed his left leg.
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he is not allotment there are many other wounded warriors returning home. >> we have a lot of people coming home from service and they need more than thanks. they need a good job, and they need your understanding out in the community. >> they should look tout for all of their veterans. >> reporter: and not just today. the veterans hope that this goodwill will be extended. >> i thank them so much for my freedom. i can't thank them enough. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: with all the planes and participants this event cost about $35,000 and that amount was covered entirely by donations. live in petaluma, ann rubin, ktvu. some families sent today at a new east bay memorial, coming up at 6:30, the special ceremony held for them. >> we have new details on the
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scandal that caused cia director david petraeus to resign. an official says his biographer paula broadwell sent harassing e- mails to a woman now identified as 37-year-old jill kelley of tampa, florida. kelley was the joint liaison. the content of the e-mails seasonality yet known, but kelley's complaint to the fbi launched its investigation of broadwell and the discovery of her affair with the retired germ. >> meantime california senate senator is calling for a congressional investigation into the inquiry into the petraeus scanned. >> there are a number of things to consider and the first of which was there any kind of national security breach? to-date there was not. >> senator feinstein said that when she called general preventaus personally he admitted to the affair. petraeus is no longer expected
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to testify before congress about the deadly raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, but congressman lynnwoodey graham says the truth cannot come out out him. >> more than ahoun military members home in time for the veteran's day. we'll taking you on board their coast guard cutter to celebrate this important day. we pay-it-forward, you know? you all kram to us in our dire need. also more relief on the east coast in the aftermath of the superstorm and the helping hand from those who have been there before nfl a short-lived hope on hockey fans. the latest on the player lockout.
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. >> apexplosion leveled two homes and almost destroyed several others last night in indianapolis. the blast killed two people and sent seven others to the hospital. it00 residents in surrounding homes were evacuated to a local
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school. >> there was major damage to houses in the near area and then like i say for blocks on end there is structural damage in windows and garage doors and that sort of thing. >> the explosion was so powerful and the debris threw so far many people initially thought i plane had crashed into the house. authorities quickly ruled that out, but they are still trying to figure out what caused that blast. federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a small plane to go down near fresno, killing two people. the faa says a pilot was flying the twin-engine cessna last night from salinas to omaha, nebraska. a fresno county helicopter spotted the wreckage at 7:30 p.m. about 35 miles from fresno. law enforcement says two people were killed in this crash. their names have not yet been released. it was a special day for
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bay area coast guard cutter family members. >> hi daddy. >> reporter: little owen practices his hello, while mom julie anxiously awaited for her husband's arms. his coast guard cutter just docked in alameda and fellow members are enjoying hugs and handshakes. it's wonderful to be home on veteran's day and have the friends and family here. you never get tired of that. >> reporter: finally home and julie is six months' pregnant. >> it was enough to leave this guy behind, but to find out i had another one coming, it's amazing. >> right when i get to be really large he will be here to help out. [ laughter ] that should be nice. >> reporter: after five months and 23,000 miles from hawai'i to the arctic, on the u.s. coast guard cutter bertholf. the jackson
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brothers may be taller than mom, but she still knows best. >> for them it seems harder. some of the e-mails, we had the issues and heartbreaks. >> reporter: for now all of these hearts are warm and full. another novelty for tim mason, baby owen is taking his first steps. >> he was barely crawling when i left. >> they will spend time on land home for the holidays, their next mission is in march. in alameda, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. now to our continuing coverage of hurricane sandy and victims of that superstorm are get something help from special who know just what it's like to lose everything. >> with all of these hands with me i wouldn't be able to do anything. >> hundreds of volunteers pitched in to help clean up debris on staten island and among those on the job, a group of volunteers from new orleans.
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they know all too well that recovery could take years and how good it feels to get help. >> we pay-it-forward. you know? he all came to us in our dire need and this is alittle help from new orleans to ya'll. >> i was on the other side about 7 years ago, lined up getting things. so it's nice to give back a little bit. >> a team from zatarain's of new orleans helps by cooking up thousands of meals including jambalaya. talks resumed between the nhl and the players association, but the hockey season remains in jeopardy. league owners meant mett with the union. in manhattan the talks ended with month plans for future meetings. so far the lockout has lasted 57 days, and the nhl has canceled more than 300 games. the lockout in 2004 canceled
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the whole season. both sides in the raley resumed talks. workers went on strike over wages and benefits including a management proposal to cut health care for retirees ho are eligible for medicare. candlestick park has set aside a new area for funhouse pedal to the game. the stadium offered free bike parking for fans healing to the 49ers game. 49er spokesperson says the team is also considering building permanent bike parking at the new stadium site in santa clara. several are dead after a earthquake overseas and we'll show you the areas hardest hit. plus the song that had thousands dancing in the streets of rome. i'm proud that my family was able to be part of this. families of the nation's fallen heroes gathered at a new
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memorial in the east bay, the special ceremony held there today.
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. the search is on tonight for survivors who may be trapped in rubble after a 6.8 quake hit burma this morning. at this hour the dame toll stands at 12. tonight many people are sleeping outdoors afraid aftershocks could destroy more buildings.
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the quake was centered 72 miles northwest of mandalay, a bridge collapsed killing several workers and state television reports that about 100 homes, some government buildings and a primary school were all destroyed. in other news of the world tonight on the turkey-syrian board forces local to santa barbaraan president bashar al-assad activities say there are severe food shortage as thousands of refugees flood the area. turkier officials say 8,000 refunerales crossed border within hours last week. in gaza today a funeral was held for a 16-year-old boy skilled in an israel airstrike. the teenager was one of the six
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palestinians killed. at least 100 rockets and mortar shells have been fired into israel from gaza. there are are no reports of israel injuries. ♪[ music ] . and here we go. a familiar song in rome, a monster flash mob dancing gangnam style. 15,000 people gathered for what is being called a record flash mob. gangnam style has been on the top of the charts in italy for the past several weeks. people around the world as did those in the u.s. honored the sacrifice made by military veterans, in canada's capital quoi cey city, ottawa, the tribute included a weather laying ceremony. >> in belgium in the small town of ypres, hundreds gathered to honor military veterans. after the
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parade government and military officials along with prince philip held a ceremony to lay a wreath. it was the site of many bloody world war i battles. it's time to get back to work. a call to action for congress as they inch closer to that fiscal cliff. the biggest issues lawmakers need to address to avoid it. it's seven years in the making, but now a new veterans memorial is being dedicated here in the east bay. we'll tell you how the people who planned and created it got it started. plus a piece of hollywood history now has a new owner and we'll tell you how much this iconic dress sold for today. the new ktvu app is ready to download. you can watch our newscasts live and get bay area weather and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere.
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♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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. now to our continuing coverage of today's veteran's day events. more than a thousand people gathered at a castro valley park for the ted cation of a new veterans memorial. as ktvu's allie rasmus told us it took seven years to create. >> as memoried fade we may never, ever forget. >> reporter: more than a thousand people said a prayer to remember the veterans of u.s. wars past and present, people packed into this castro valley park for the dedication ceremony of a new veteran's memorial. a project that the local veterans of foreign wars started planning seven years ago. >> to put it down in stone and
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have everybody remember what the veterans do for this country. the group put out a call for donations and got the attention of this couple whose son had just died in an accident. >> on date of my son's funeral, i saw an article and was proud to be part of it. >> they donated $50,000 and that put us over the top. >> on the back of each of these slabs are engravings, the names of men and women who have served in the military and in some cases have made the ultmalmat sacrifice. beverly
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sacrifice it gives them a place to reflect and remember the veterans. san francisco mayor ed lee tweeted this picture today from the san francisco veteran's day parade. the mayor posted a caption saying, "celebrating and honoring uniformed men and women who have serve our country." the photo shows the mayor behind an iraq and afghanistan veterans memorial. it shows firefighters taking part in the veterans memorial dedication ceremony in castro valley, almost 2,000 people came out for that dedication. you can go to for more on today's veteran's days events including interviews with the families of fallen heroes. scroll down to the video play. an international protest is trying to stop japan from re- opening 50 nuclear plants shut down after last year's giant earthquake and tsunami. thousands rallied at the
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japanese consulate in san francisco. protesters are calling for the shut down of reactors worldwide and permanent evacuation ever children who live near the fukushima plant. they are angry that japan is telling former resident it's safe to move back. >> you have got a situation at fukushima dai-ichi that is serious. you have got a spent fuel pool that if it loses its water and that nuclear fuel starts burning, they are going to have to abandon the plant. >> 340,000 people left of the area around the fukushima plant following that disaster. a surveys released last week found almost half refused to return. a san francisco jury has reached a verdict in the trial of aman accused of three mission district sexual assaults. fredrick dozier is accused of three violent assaults last year. because of the holiday weekend the jury won't read the verdict
6:32 pm
until tuesday. dozier was charged with 26 felony counts. he was also charged with attempted measure, robbery and kidnapping. he faces life in prison if he is convicted on all counts. >> a petaluma man accused of running away with his 15-year- old goddaughter and have a yearlong sexual affair with her is scheduled to enter a plean wednesday. police arrested matus-carmona where he was found with the girl, but did not file abduction charges which suggest that the girl was into the forced to do. he remains in custody on $250,000 bail. on tuesday the governing board of the moraga school district will discuss a lawsuit by three former students claiming sexual abuse in the 19 90's. two other unidentified former students have also filed claims, at $15 million each against one of those teachers. the lawsuits claim that the district ignored their complaints about the molestation. we have been hearing a lot
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about the so-called fiscal cliff, the january deadline when taxes could spike and spending drastically cut. reporter athena jones takes a look at how congress is to approach the issue when it returns to work this week. >> it's time to get back to work. >> reporter: with the election in the rear view mirror, the focus in washington is back on efforts to avoid the economically devastating fiscal cliff. >> we just go over the cliff and let the policies stay in effect are we're basically going to undo the recovery. >> reporter: the cliff amounts to $7 trillion in spending cuts and tax increases over the next decade. the treat of these painful cuts, set to begin on january 1st is part of a deal congress and the president made last year to force them to agree on a long-term deficit reduction plan. >> this is an unprecedented scenario that congress has basically put a gun to its own head and said if we don't act we're going to shoot ourselves. >> reporter:
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so far, that long-term plan hasn't materialized. the biggest chunk of the cliff, the bush tax cuts. they are also a big sticking point democrats insist cuts for families making $250,000 more must end. >> we're serious about reducing the deficit. we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> reporter: republicans say that will hurt the economy. >> feeding the growth of government through higher tax rates won't help us solve the republic. >> reporter: but the speaker also signaled what could be an opening. saying, raising more revenue is now on the table as long as it comes from tax refarm and not higher rates." finding that elusive common ground on these issues could be tough. both in the lame-duck session and beyond. a short-term deal that postpones the cliff appears most likely. athena jones, washington. governor brown says today that the passage of proposition 30 here in california shows americans are ready to pitch in
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to resolve the u.s. fiscal crisis. >> everyone is going to have to realize that building roads is important. investing in schools is important. paying for the national defense is important. biomedical research is important. the space program is an indicator of the world leader, all of that takes money. it's not all going to come out the wall street. >> prop 30 helps to save millions in potential cuts to uc and cal state systems, but regent are meeting this week to consider increases for grad school and csu wants to impose fees for superseniors. senator s on both sides of aisle are discussing major changes to immigration. democratic charles schumer is working on a plan with lindsey graham. >> we have put together blueprints on immigration reform that had the real
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potential for bipartisan support. based on the theory that most americans are for legal immigration, but very much against illegal immigration. >> under plan an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants could become citizens, but borders must be secured first. senator graham admitted today that the republican tone during the presidential election built a wall between his party and latino community. some health officials will provide an incentive to kick the habit this wednesday and thursday. it's the american cancer's great american smokeout which challenges smokers to quit for 4 hours and in contra costa county officials will provide kits and tests. while some scientists claim global warming is melting ice at the north pole a new report reports that ice is growing in the south. scientists claim that antarctic ice is expanding because of
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increased wind activity. they did not offer a reason for a change in wind patterns or a possible link to global warming. past studies show that the ozone affects wind. caltrain crews will be working overnight in san bruno to increase safety at street crossings. the work starts tomorrow with shifts from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. crews will elevate the tracks at three crosses in san bruno as part of the project a new elevated station will replace the one. caltrain says service will not be disrupted. >> time-warner cable plans on disrupted triple-a plans to donate turkeys and tomorrow triple-a tow-truck drivers will deliver turkeys for glide and other
6:38 pm
non-profits. this is the 15th year triple-a has donated turkeys to charitable groups ahead of the holidays. the golden state warriors are getting ready to kick off their holiday program. festus ezeli, draymond green and assistant coach michael malone will partner with a family to go on a thanksgiving shopping free. over the next few weeks other players plan to help with toy drives and also serve food at homeless shelters. one of the world's most famous dresses has seldom for almost $500,000. the blue dress that judy garland wore in "the wizard of oz." >> sold for $480,000. no word on who snapped it up or what they plan to do with that dress. some call it a life-sized reminder of their childhood. still to come, the classic board game that just popped up in an east bay lot. also, cool this weekend,
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but what about your workweek? ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has the answer when we come right back.
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. well, if this contraption looks familiar you probably played a similar game when you were a kid of it's the world's largest game of mousetrap and it was on display today in oakland. the artist who created it, mark perez has been showing it to people of all ages at science centers, museums and festivals across the country. >> looks like the crowd loved it. >> pretty cool. >> speaking of cool, that is pretty cool and it's cool outside. let's check with mark tamayo how cool it's going to be. >> after a frigid start, in a
6:42 pm
few spots we're beginning to clear off under mostly clear skies of we do not have a frost advisory just yet, but that could be changing tonight. let's take a look at some of the current temperatures. you will notice these truckee checking in at 25 degrees. ukiah, 49 and bay area temperatures, those temperatures also dropping down into the 40s to lower 50s. downtown san francisco, 5and livermore currently checking in right around 6:00 forecast headlines for tonight, we do have mostly clear skies. of course we covered the chilly part of the forecast for tonight into tomorrow morning. partly sunny skies and then for the extended, north bay clouds and we could be tracking a few showers later in the week. first thing tomorrow morning, you want to bundle up with frosty fog, lower 30s to lower
6:43 pm
40s start the day and then into the afternoon hours, somewhat of a recovery. lots of 50s and the warmest locations i should say approaching the lower 60s. tomorrow afternoon, a little bit warmer than today. here is the setup on the satellite, and overall weather pattern, once again we still have the cold air mass in place. that coupled with the clear skies we're going to start with very cold readings tomorrow morning. there is a weather system in the pacific that will generate some rainfall. main hi up to our north from ukiah to the north. so we'll pick up a fi high clouds targeting the north bay and a chance of a few rain showers in mendocino to humboldt county. then into tuesday morning there is the rain line primarily to the north and pretty much the same deal into wednesday. now by friday, we could be track a few light rain showers, but at this point, it is still
6:44 pm
just a chance. forecast highs after that chilly start tomorrow morning, and nice recovery into the afternoon. lots of 60s. so these numbers in most areas, a little bit warmer than today, oakland 62, livermore, 63 degrees and danville, 63. some more neighborhoods san josi right around 64. light of upper 50s coast side. a look ahead, your five-day forecast. you will notice the temperatures come up for the overnight lows. so not as cold tuesday morning. once again we'll see a few extra high clouds in the north bay. at this point we're trying to figure out some of the forecast models hinting at a few models. we don't have a perfect idea, but the at least at this point it would be unsettled for day 6 and day 7. >> it's a mystery and we'll have to keep an eye on the
6:45 pm
forecast. >>the good thing about the clouds moving it, it keeps the nights a little warmer. >> i think that is what the weather service is thinking about without issuing frost advisories. >> thank you, mark. >> the new james bond movie broke a reported at the box- office this weekend. >> "skyfall. " with the biggest u.s. opening yet for a banned on film, bringing in almost $88 million that. brings it's worldwide total to more than $518 million. the movie was released two weeks ago overseas to huge crowds. this is the third bond film with actor daniel craig starring as agent 007. >> the 49ers and rams battling in overtime. we have all the highlights of this nail-biter. sportswrap is next
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our early sunday edition of sportswrap. the 49ers look a little rusty today, six days off will do that to any team, but today against st. louis, they managed to pull off something that they haven't done since 1986, finish a game in a tie. every site honoring the military on veteran's day and candlestick park did it right. sam bradford to quick, who
6:49 pm
fights of the niners defender. 7-0,p rams. you must face stephen jackson, leading 14-0 before the niners wake up. late 1st quarter, alex smith is on a collision game with jo-lonn dunbar. 12 plays later alex smith to crabtree. crabtree with a nice move to score the 19-yarder. smith left the game with a concussion. rams leading 17-7 at halftime. tile for the faster and more mobile colin kaepernick. dives in for the 7-yarder, the play was revealed and held up. that made it 17-14, rams the after a st. louis turnover frank gore gets the call. mr. inside goes outside for a 250-yard touchdown. niners take the first lead 21-
6:50 pm
17, but that will not hold up. sam bradford to austin pettis. rams with with the lead. but the niners kick the game tieing feld tieing field goal forcing overtime. david akers missing the kick and it stays 24-24. jim harbaugh, i feel your pain. rams have a chance to make instant success with the 53- yard field goal by greg zuerlein, but it goes through the uprights, but rams are flagged for delay of game, one of 13 penalties for st. louis. this time zuerlein must kick a 58 yard field goal not even close. rams have one last chance with 1:36. aldon smith gets credit for the sack. that tells you what kind of game it was, the 15-minute
6:51 pm
overtime turns into a 24-24 tie, the first tie in an nfl game since the eagles and cincinnati met back in 2008. it's the first 49ers tie since they did it with atlanta back in 1986. kaepernick, 117 yards and looked ready to assume the top quarterback spot if in fact, smith are has to sit while nursing that concussion. last time the raiders won a game in baltimore, the snake was throwing passes to the ghost way back in 1977. the current raiders were caught in a time warm of their time, tieing an oakland record for the most points aloud. raymond lewis making his first appearance since he tore his tricep. carson palmer hits darrius heyward-bey, and baltimore led 27-10 at intermission. ravens scored on six of their
6:52 pm
first seven possessions. joe flacco with two touchdowns to torrey smith. the raiders never put pressure on flack i don't know. cancer palmer had a pick and two touchdowns. touchdowns. ravens won their 15th straight home-game, jacoby jones puts down the hammer. jacoby jones from 5 yards inside the end zone. he was never turned and that is just not right. a 105-yard kickoff return for jones. baltimore wins it 55-20. it was not that close. 55 points is the most of the ravens have ever scored in their franchise and ties the raiders record for the movement points allowed ever in a single. >> next week the 49ers have
6:53 pm
their second monday night game. this time against chicago. . the saints handed atlanta their first loss of year. drew brees with three touchdowns this one to jimmy graham. graham and the saints beat the falcons 31-27. new orleans 4-5. atlanta is 8-1. peyton manning is tied with dan marino for all-time left. today denver's special teams scored. trindon holiday with the punt return. denver winning big. they are 6-3 and running with a was the afc west. san diego chargers were beat in tampa as chargers quarterback philip rivers throws three touchdowns, but he he is also picked twice. tampa bay scores 2 or more
6:54 pm
points and win. and suddenly the new york giants look as self-destructive as the new york jets. today in cincinnati they got lit up by andy dalton. a 56 yarder to a.j. green. bengals win to snap their four- game losing streak. the super bowl giants are just 6-4. coming up, we'll tell you the nascar points leader and the winner of today's little brawl in arizona next.
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. with just one sprint cup race left, brad keselowski leads the chase for the cup by 20 point and jeff gordon, jeff just grumped mr. nice guy to the baddest man on wheels. five-time sprint cup champion jimmie johnson started ahead in the race, but johnson's car betrays him and he has to go
6:57 pm
into the pits. he finished 32nd. 32nd. now he trails keselowski by 20 points. today slows down and intentionally crashes into bower, but why now? this little accident gets the two teams ruled a and kevin harvick wins. the sagah 28-year-old pagrookie challenger beljan ended in glory. friday belgian suffered a panic attack and carted off the course on a stretcher. he was the leader of the miracle network classic. look at that superapproach that sets up the birdie. part of his final round 3 under 6. beljan with a nice birdie and wins in florida by two strokes. it's charlie beljan's first ever pga win and means he can secure his pga card for next
6:58 pm
year. that is sports as we see it for this early edition of sportswrap. 49ers settle for their first tie in 26 years and the raiders lose big in baltimore, heather and ken. >> boy, that 49ers game tough to watch. >> it was tough to watch, but you see how many times that the rams looked like they were taking over and have everything nullified by penallalities. wee explore more at 10:00. >> crazy game. >> thank you. our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news. coming up oakland average more than two shootings a day and many of the victims are children and tonight we look at the programs that help victims get back on their festival and overcome their past. thank you, for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> we'll see you the next time newsbreak. >> we're always here for you on and on mobile ktvu. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00
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